The Future of Abundance Interview with Tim Sanders


In my last post, “Lovecats, Likeability, and a Plan to Save the World“, I discussed the teachings of someone very influential to me.  Tim Sanders, New York Times bestselling author of “Love is the Killer App“, “The Likeability Factor“, and most recently “Saving the World at Work” has been teaching the ways of the “Lovecat” for years.

As discussed in my previous post, the “Lovecat” method focused on approaching your life and business by “Obeying the Law of Abundance”, and sharing your contacts, knowledge, and compassion with those around you.  This mentality was a predecessor to the Social Web mentality that dominates the “proper” uses of social networks and collaboration today.  Because of this, and his forward thinking towards best business practices, I asked Tim to answer a couple of quick questions for me as to his prediction of business today and moving forwards.

(Q&A between Matt Dollinger “MD” and Tim Sanders “TS”)

MD – Describe how you feel the Likeability Factor and Love is the Killer App have changed for today?

TS – Both are still true.  The L Factor, in particular is important as it can look after you during tough times.  More than ever, we need to inspire others with our outlook.

MD – Any insight into the Lovecat method and the rise of Social Media?

TS – Giving rocks.  The Lovecat method (grow others, trust them to reciprocate) lies at the heart of social media.  That’s why I find Twitter and Facebook so valuable to society.  We must, however, give not take in our social media work.

MD – How would you suggest a company/business transition to “Lovecat” if they weren’t before?

TS – Trial and trial and trial.  If you will give giving a chance, and a reasonable long time line for return, you’ll get hooked on it.

MD – What do you feel the biggest challenge of business today is?

TS – Overcoming the scarcity mindset that’s setting in with the recession.  When we believe that “there’s not enough to go around”, we get fearful and inward thinking.  That’s the enemy to innovation.  It’s time to defiantly be hopeful.

MD – How do you feel Social Media has changed business today – forever?

TS – Social media has made the world more transparent and smaller.  Add video on mobile phones with easy upload and there are no more secrets.  This will force companies to focus on do-no-harm+do-some-good instead of simply being less bad or complying with the law.  Ray Anderson (founder of Interface) once told me that compliance was “being as bad as the law will allow.”

MD – What is the #1 question that is asked of you in your speaking and what’s your answer?

TS – Question: What do you do when others take advantage of your giving nature?  Answer: Look the other way, because it only happens about 10% of the time at the most.  Don’t let your ego tell you that giving never gives back because it does.

The “Law of Abundance” as Tim writes about often should, in my opinion, be the new “Golden Rule” for not only Social Media, but for business and personal growth as well.  Take a few minutes, view the videos below, and share your thoughts… This time the good guys WILL finish first!

Abundance Versus Scarcity Part 1 – Tim Sanders

Abundance Versus Scarcity Part 2 – Tim Sanders

Abundance Versus Scarcity Part 3 – Tim Sanders

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