The Paralyzing Effect of Analyzing Web 2.0


I shot this video on the way to work this morning to discuss a common thought that I’m having when attending events, watching my Twitter stream, or even working with my own agents:

The constant looking and researching, “what’s next?” and over-inundating of data we consume is actually paralyzing us as individuals.  Instead of actually putting something into action (or focusing on existing efforts that bring us business/engage our clients), our constant “shiny object syndrome” is actually hindering our success in business – or as implementers of actual actions.

Some quick thoughts below on this topic.  I would love to hear thoughts and/or discussions on this with examples that you have actually “implemented” or put into place.

Paralysis by Analysis – The story of Web 2.0 from Matthew Dollinger on Vimeo.


  1. Before Web 2.0, many individuals were off in their own little world isolated from the intimacy of their clients. Web 2.0 has allowed for each and everyone of us to connect to people in ways that were not imaginable. Although you could get caught like a deer in headlights, it is up to the individual to incorporate this new tool in their arsenal on what they desire.

  2. Absolutely agree James – however it’s my thought that the more people I talk to – the more I run into people that are abandoning their tried and true practices for the “latest and greatest”! Also, rather than saying (for example) “ok – posterous – I’m going to integrate that into my business/marketing efforts” they are interested for 3 days until the “next” thing comes out. Does that make sense?

    Thanks again,

  3. Matt,

    couldn’t agree more. using technology with out a purpose is just wasting time. If you are going to use the technology make sure it adds to your business and supports your current strategies.

    thanks for the tips

  4. Absolutely Russ – the post I’ve been working on for about a week now is focused just on that. “Engineering Tech into your Business” We all need to step back, breathe, and figure out if we really want/need/can make money from to integrate this into our business. Thanks for commenting

  5. Matt,

    Too much of good thing is bad. Social Media is no different. It’s a great tool, when used in moderation. Excessive use will lead to dependence and perhaps a bit cut off from the real world/reality.

    And what ultimately makes social media so cool is the people. So don’t forget to talk to one (a person) in person everyone once in a while. It will remind you why you wanted to meet people via social media in the first place.


  6. Here here Matt. As an Austin real estate agent I find it hard to create a healthy balance in my business. The brokerage I’m with is leaps and bounds above the average brokerage when it comes to web design and SEO – but our President preaches constantly don’t abandon personal touches, note cards, farming, open houses etc. He really wants us to realize we can’t put our entire business in a website and make it. Thank you for sharing this, it was great to hear someone else second his voice.

  7. I could not agree more. Having a company known for having strong sites, I feel that a great website should only be a 20% to 25% of our marketing focus. Database first, open houses second, websites third and all other after that


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