Business Planning Tips – 3 Steps to Accountability

AccountabilityHeading into the New Year, business planning is often a hot topic for many.  I have witnessed some of the most intense and insightful brainstorming sessions on this topic over my years, however regardless of thought, process, planning, etc. – there’s one thing that determines a successful plan in my mind:

Did you put that plan into action?

This implementation is often times the number 1 failure of business plans and makes all of that wonderfully hard work for naught.  So what can you do to make sure that the goals and actions you have mapped out for yourself and/or your company get implemented?  Make yourself accountable.

In this short video below I discuss the importance of a “good” business plan, but focus much of my talk on different types of accountability tactics that have worked for myself, my agents, and others.  How do you plan on making sure your actions are carried out next year?  Share your tips in the comments below:

The You Factor – Thoughts on Business Planning from Matthew Dollinger on Vimeo.