Integrating an Tablet into your Business

Today I did a webinar for Realtor Magazine on integrating a tablet into your business as a real estate agent. This was a ton of fun for me as it really made me question what I had been thinking for the last 8 months of owning an iPad…

Is this more than JUST a toy… and could it ever replace my laptop?

The short answer is no, but I truly think that the tablet (and specifically the iPad) truly have worth and merit in not only the real estate space, but business in general.  With proper setup, configuration between devices and about $250 in toys & apps (which I outline in the presentation) I believe that the tablet can become a very instrumental tool to utilize in business as well clients.

One question that I started off my presentation with however, was “Is the App dead… or quickly dying?”  With the evolution of the “mobile Web” instead of app-dependency (Devesh Khare of Aumnia discusses this well here) are companies and the famed iPad itself teetering on the brink of disaster?  Most individuals that I know and speak with FORGET that their tablet is one helluva browser – and those sites that are configured well for mobile viewing (tablets, phones, etc.) are really at a HUGE advantage.

This is one of the focus points of my presentation.  ”think outside the app” is my new mantra when discussing any type of mobile platform as this is truly where the future is.  So take a look at the slides below – and if you are interested in viewing the full webinar (video and audio) then visit the Realtor Magazine Website here and check it out.  Also below the slides I have included links to all of the vendors, websites AND apps that I think a mobile business user (especially Real Estate) should consider for their tablet.

Mobile Companies and Apps Discussed in my Presentation (link love)

  1. Aumnia –
  2. Dropbox –
  3. Evernote –
  4. QuickOffice Connect –
  5. iWork –
  6. PrintCentral –
  7. Open Home Pro –
  8. DotLoop –
  9. DragonSpeak –
  10. Trulia Mobile –
  11. Zillow Mobile –
  12. –
  13. Altos Research –
  14. NAR RPR – or
  15. Cloud CMA –
  16. Hootsuite –
  17. Reeder –
  18. Photoshop Express –
  19. Flickr Studio App –
  20. Yelp –
  21. Loopt Pulse –
  22. Google Earth –
  23. WordPress Mobile –
  24. Analytics HD –