Customer Service isn’t Dead – Just Hiding

Starbucks Customer Service Pledge

With all of these strides to become better and better with customer interaction and “expectation delivery” why is it that so many people out there question that customer service is dead? I want good, consistent customer focused service. Too often in my industry of real estate we hear vendors, speakers and products touting the exemplary is necessary. Where I agree to an extent that the exemplary makes you memorable and is a pleasant surprise in certain elements – my issue is that we should probably focus on providing “really good” experiences first. These don’t HAVE to be amazing every time, they should simply focus on providing what the consumer expects and maybe a little more. There’s little value in providing OUTSTANDING service 1:5 times if the other 4 times it’s less than par.

Integrating an Tablet into your Business

Tools for your Tablet

Today I did a webinar for Realtor Magazine on integrating a tablet into your business as a real estate agent. This was a ton of fun for me as it really made me question what I had been thinking for the last 8 months of owning an iPad… Is this more than JUST a toy… [...]

Business Planning Tips – 3 Steps to Accountability


This implementation is often times the number 1 failure of business plans and makes all of that wonderfully hard work for naught. So what can you do to make sure that the goals and actions you have mapped out for yourself and/or your company get implemented? Make yourself accountable.