Top Real Estate Blog Feeds 2011 – Matt Dollinger Recommendations


So many folks ask me, “What are you reading?”  Where I can honestly say that Twitter has really become my “go to” spot for alot of information and articles, I still dig through my Google Reader almost daily. Below is a list of SOME of the blogs that I really try to look at reading [...]

Integrating an Tablet into your Business

Tools for your Tablet

Today I did a webinar for Realtor Magazine on integrating a tablet into your business as a real estate agent. This was a ton of fun for me as it really made me question what I had been thinking for the last 8 months of owning an iPad… Is this more than JUST a toy… [...]

Zoho Sheets = Live Embedded Spreadsheets

Internet Explorer 5.0.1???

That led me to create the below spreadsheet that based on a simple mortgage formula and summing up the monthly costs of ownership for a home-owner (mortgage, taxes, assessments, etc.)

An RPR Q&A Overview from Leading RE

rpr logo

Even though I thought that I was pretty “up to date” on the FAQ’s of Realtors Property Resource (RPR) – I found this session both enjoyable and informative. Find my rambling notes below:

BlogWorld Insights #2 – The US vs. Them of Media

Picture courtesy of "Not the First Noel" via Flickr

Collaboration could possibly be the cure all to what ails us – but until we dump the “Us vs. Them” mentality and start operating from a level of abundance (and strict ROI) I think we have a long way to go.

Five Things I’d Like from Inman Connect ’09

Is this Kansas?

Gimme big, bad, cutting edge innovation… I have naughty-hot dreams about this kind of thing at home. But give me some case studies with metrics and analytics as to HOW you have implemented it and WHAT your clients think of it.

The Rules for a Changing Game


The real estate market is a changing animal, and one that those aligned with it must adapt to, or be left behind. In this presentation done at the Chicago Sparkt event, I discuss the future of the real estate brokerage model, the future of our industry, and the rules for our changing industry.

Looking Beyond the Matrix


The world does not look all sunshine and roses outside of the Matrix. There are challenges here as well, obstacles that I will face, and lessons to be learned from the Matrix. One cannot exist without the other in our world any more than it could in the movie. But, I for one, can attest to the fact that this world, outside the argumentative noise of existing problems, looks like one with solutions on the horizon.

The Humanizing of the Social Web


For my presentation I was asked to discuss “Rules for a Changing Game” and how social media and other influences will forever change the real estate industry. Thanks to a couple of highly influential people by the names of David Armano and Peter Kim I was able to put together the following presentation.

Jerry was a Real Estate Broker… (aka the conduit between new and old)

1969 Camaro 328 V8 SS

In countless posts across the Web, from 1000watt consulting to Inman to a post by Ashfaq Munshi over at FOREM and even the Notorious R.O.B. the topic of real estate brokerage’s future (and office) are dotting the radar.