Customer Service isn’t Dead – Just Hiding

Starbucks Customer Service Pledge

With all of these strides to become better and better with customer interaction and “expectation delivery” why is it that so many people out there question that customer service is dead? I want good, consistent customer focused service. Too often in my industry of real estate we hear vendors, speakers and products touting the exemplary is necessary. Where I agree to an extent that the exemplary makes you memorable and is a pleasant surprise in certain elements – my issue is that we should probably focus on providing “really good” experiences first. These don’t HAVE to be amazing every time, they should simply focus on providing what the consumer expects and maybe a little more. There’s little value in providing OUTSTANDING service 1:5 times if the other 4 times it’s less than par.

Dancing Hamsters and What Your Brand is All About…

Yo dude... I knows Real Estate

What are you really focusing your brand on? Are you using killer beats and dancing hamsters to gain the trust and approval of someone that is looking to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars with you? Are you “gimmicking” your way through business right now? Take a minute to think about this. I mean I love dancing hamsters and all – but that doesn’t mean I want to drive their car. Do you?

Planning Business Habits – Your Next 90 Days


What you do in business today is going to affect your business 90 days out (or more) and should be worked into an actual business plan. The goal, however, should be to start implementing ACTIONS that will translate into HABITS in your business going forward.

BlogWorld Insights #2 – The US vs. Them of Media

Picture courtesy of "Not the First Noel" via Flickr

Collaboration could possibly be the cure all to what ails us – but until we dump the “Us vs. Them” mentality and start operating from a level of abundance (and strict ROI) I think we have a long way to go.

The Future of Abundance Interview with Tim Sanders


Overcoming the scarcity mindset that’s setting in with the recession. When we believe that “there’s not enough to go around”, we get fearful and inward thinking. That’s the enemy to innovation. It’s time to defiantly be hopeful.

Lovecats, Likeability, and a Plan to Save the World

Epiphany for real estate business coaching matt dollinger

We are being forced, whether you like it or not, to embrace a genuinely authentic brand that carries into both our personal and professional lives. And as we adapt to emerging technologies and spread our network of influence further each day, the Lovecat mentality becomes all the more important for one reason if nothing else.

Culture – The New Measure of Innovation

Culture IS Innovation

Long story short… It says to me that a company culture can be revolutionary, radical, and yes… innovative.

The Rules for a Changing Game


The real estate market is a changing animal, and one that those aligned with it must adapt to, or be left behind. In this presentation done at the Chicago Sparkt event, I discuss the future of the real estate brokerage model, the future of our industry, and the rules for our changing industry.

Looking Beyond the Matrix


The world does not look all sunshine and roses outside of the Matrix. There are challenges here as well, obstacles that I will face, and lessons to be learned from the Matrix. One cannot exist without the other in our world any more than it could in the movie. But, I for one, can attest to the fact that this world, outside the argumentative noise of existing problems, looks like one with solutions on the horizon.

Word of Mouth Marketing in a Social Web


WOMM is still THE most respected and effective form of marketing available, but with the power of the web, could turn against you in a minute’s time. With proper prepartation, message creation, and simple analyzation of past messages for improvements, etc. many of the common pitfalls we face could be avoided.