Customer Service isn’t Dead – Just Hiding

Starbucks Customer Service Pledge

With all of these strides to become better and better with customer interaction and “expectation delivery” why is it that so many people out there question that customer service is dead? I want good, consistent customer focused service. Too often in my industry of real estate we hear vendors, speakers and products touting the exemplary is necessary. Where I agree to an extent that the exemplary makes you memorable and is a pleasant surprise in certain elements – my issue is that we should probably focus on providing “really good” experiences first. These don’t HAVE to be amazing every time, they should simply focus on providing what the consumer expects and maybe a little more. There’s little value in providing OUTSTANDING service 1:5 times if the other 4 times it’s less than par.

Invention, Innovation and Buzz Word Bingo

Real estate buzzword bingo

Take this into consideration while reading the 2nd line of the Wikipedia definition of Innovation: “Although the term is broadly used, innovation generally refers to the creation of better or more effective products, processes, technologies, or ideas.” So the question that continues to ask itself to me is, “are we really innovating the real estate process or simply invention new ‘we can do it’ technologies?

The Relationship Debate is a Moot Point


There’s been alot of buzz about this whole “Relationship Marketing” discussion that Chris Smith (@Chris_Smith) started over at InmanNext.  (view the post here).  And where I proclaimed at the beginning of the discussion that I wouldn’t get involved – here I am devoting a blog post to it. And so in the spirit of beating [...]

Top Real Estate Blog Feeds 2011 – Matt Dollinger Recommendations


So many folks ask me, “What are you reading?”  Where I can honestly say that Twitter has really become my “go to” spot for alot of information and articles, I still dig through my Google Reader almost daily. Below is a list of SOME of the blogs that I really try to look at reading [...]

Dancing Hamsters and What Your Brand is All About…

Yo dude... I knows Real Estate

What are you really focusing your brand on? Are you using killer beats and dancing hamsters to gain the trust and approval of someone that is looking to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars with you? Are you “gimmicking” your way through business right now? Take a minute to think about this. I mean I love dancing hamsters and all – but that doesn’t mean I want to drive their car. Do you?

Mobile Apps, Brokerage and “The Homer” of Real Estate

The Homer of Real Estate

I was recently interviewed by Mary Ellen Podmolik of the Chicago Tribune for her article, “Mobile apps link home buyers to brokers“.  The full article can be found by clicking on the previous link, but here’s my condensed contribution: “With the market being the way it is and homebuyers understanding this is a home they’re [...]

Zoho Sheets = Live Embedded Spreadsheets

Internet Explorer 5.0.1???

That led me to create the below spreadsheet that based on a simple mortgage formula and summing up the monthly costs of ownership for a home-owner (mortgage, taxes, assessments, etc.)

Business Planning Tips – 3 Steps to Accountability


This implementation is often times the number 1 failure of business plans and makes all of that wonderfully hard work for naught. So what can you do to make sure that the goals and actions you have mapped out for yourself and/or your company get implemented? Make yourself accountable.

Planning Business Habits – Your Next 90 Days


What you do in business today is going to affect your business 90 days out (or more) and should be worked into an actual business plan. The goal, however, should be to start implementing ACTIONS that will translate into HABITS in your business going forward.

The Paralyzing Effect of Analyzing Web 2.0


The constant looking and researching, “what’s next?” and over-inundating of data we consume is actually paralyzing us as individuals. I share my thoughts in this short video.