My role at @properties is more than that of a trainer or a coach. It is a role that allows me to understand the agent, work with them to leverage their personal strengths, differentiate themselves in a competitive market, and work together to implement an effective and cost effective plan for continued success.

I came to @properties from another major player in the Chicagoland real estate market.  I truly believe that there is no other company in the industry today that can blend a successful company culture and the right tools to grow your business. I work here because if I was selling real estate, I would work at @properties.

Having worked in the real estate agent coaching role for over 4 years and prior to that, coaching the top 1% of financial planners in the United States, I bring a unique blend of skills and outside perspective to the agents I work with MY clients. That is why I ask, and more importantly listen to the answers of, specific questions on you, your business, and where you want to take it.

My coaching program focuses on the key points of an agents business and is constantly evolving with new technology, theories, and statistics gathered from industry leaders. It focuses on the key points of:

Database Qualification
By utilizing an easy qualification method, identify your key referral and business sources to spend more time prospecting to those that affect your business directly.

Personal Branding
Today more than ever, the consumer is one of the “Experience Economy”. Together we will work on incorporating a rational and emotional brand to your business to stand out and differentiate you.

Plan a Marketing Campaign
Make the most out of your time and dollars with a custom planned marketing campaign incorporating the cutting-edge automated @systems, and target your campaign effectively.

Become a Market Expert
By utilizing AgentMetrics, MLSNI data, and understanding neighborhood lifestyle nuances, you can become an extremely valuable resource to your clients and truly their real estate advisor.

Once we get the core systems in place, it’s time to branch our and have fun. I am always researching new theories, technologies and tactics to increase your business.

“Helping to build the real estate agents of tomorrow. Today.”