I love to speak and share.   I believe that in this day and age of techno-drivel the true value still comes in human interaction.   If you would like to hear me talk about neat stuff IRL or participate in your next event, hit me up @mattdollinger on Twitter or email me.

Topics that I have spoken on and discuss:

  • Branding (Online and Off – Creation of Brand Strategies)
  • Social Media (Authenticity in, Incorporation of, & Future of)
  • Business Planning (Incorporation of the above and more)
  • ROI versus ROE (Return on Engagement)
  • Client Loyalty Campaign Creation
  • Analyzing and Metric Measuring of Marketing Campaigns
  • Technology – Future of and Embracing of it in Business
  • Adaptation to a changing environment and consumer

To see any of the past presentations that I have done for groups visit my Scribd.com page here.  Feel free to use any of the materials listed here – just give credit where credit is due.   And if you change, improve or have suggestions, I would love to hear about them.


Matt Dollinger – The Rules for a Changing Game from SPARKt on Vimeo.