Planning Business Habits – Your Next 90 Days


What you do in business today is going to affect your business 90 days out (or more) and should be worked into an actual business plan. The goal, however, should be to start implementing ACTIONS that will translate into HABITS in your business going forward.

The Paralyzing Effect of Analyzing Web 2.0


The constant looking and researching, “what’s next?” and over-inundating of data we consume is actually paralyzing us as individuals. I share my thoughts in this short video.

BlogWorld Insights #2 – The US vs. Them of Media

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Collaboration could possibly be the cure all to what ails us – but until we dump the “Us vs. Them” mentality and start operating from a level of abundance (and strict ROI) I think we have a long way to go.

BlogWorld 2009 Insight – Engineering your Business

Yes - I'm sexy... please don't stare.

This is the first of a series of posts expressing insight into certain topics covered during my recent trip to the Blogworld Expo 2009, in Las Vegas. “Engineering is the heart of everything in your business”

Social Karma, Social Capital & Your Cosmic Debt

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Recently I had an incredibly meaningful conversation on Twitter involving Jeff Turner (@respres) and Ines Hegedus-Garcia (@ines) where we discussed Social Capital versus Social Karma.

Golf, Gadgets and The Root of Realtor Problems


Social Media and any other “quick fix” that’s promised to you by a Facebook or magazine ad isn’t going to cure an ailing real estate career any more than my $200 driver did my golf game. In fact, COACHING isn’t going to fix your career either unless you are willing to do the work OUTSIDE of coaching to advance your career.

Advising the Face of Real Estate Today

REal Estate Advisor

You are a real estate professional. You have taken an oath to serve your clients and advise them to the best of your ability. This “advising” is not limited to the negotiation of the property and searching of the MLS, you are in the truest form, a financial planner for their current and future home situation.

Five Things I’d Like from Inman Connect ’09

Is this Kansas?

Gimme big, bad, cutting edge innovation… I have naughty-hot dreams about this kind of thing at home. But give me some case studies with metrics and analytics as to HOW you have implemented it and WHAT your clients think of it.

The Future of Abundance Interview with Tim Sanders


Overcoming the scarcity mindset that’s setting in with the recession. When we believe that “there’s not enough to go around”, we get fearful and inward thinking. That’s the enemy to innovation. It’s time to defiantly be hopeful.

Lovecats, Likeability, and a Plan to Save the World

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We are being forced, whether you like it or not, to embrace a genuinely authentic brand that carries into both our personal and professional lives. And as we adapt to emerging technologies and spread our network of influence further each day, the Lovecat mentality becomes all the more important for one reason if nothing else.