Culture – The New Measure of Innovation

Culture IS Innovation

Long story short… It says to me that a company culture can be revolutionary, radical, and yes… innovative.

The Rules for a Changing Game


The real estate market is a changing animal, and one that those aligned with it must adapt to, or be left behind. In this presentation done at the Chicago Sparkt event, I discuss the future of the real estate brokerage model, the future of our industry, and the rules for our changing industry.

Looking Beyond the Matrix


The world does not look all sunshine and roses outside of the Matrix. There are challenges here as well, obstacles that I will face, and lessons to be learned from the Matrix. One cannot exist without the other in our world any more than it could in the movie. But, I for one, can attest to the fact that this world, outside the argumentative noise of existing problems, looks like one with solutions on the horizon.

A “Real Estate Story” Wakeup Call

It's time for your wake up call...

“Real estate is exceptional. The complexities and emotions that characterize the real estate transaction will forever force the agent to provide a level of empathy and understanding that cannot be provided through technology, social media, or any other “quick fixes” discussed so often today. The story is FAR from over, but elements of “real estate basics” will transpire throughout its evolution.”

The Humanizing of the Social Web


For my presentation I was asked to discuss “Rules for a Changing Game” and how social media and other influences will forever change the real estate industry. Thanks to a couple of highly influential people by the names of David Armano and Peter Kim I was able to put together the following presentation.

Word of Mouth Marketing in a Social Web


WOMM is still THE most respected and effective form of marketing available, but with the power of the web, could turn against you in a minute’s time. With proper prepartation, message creation, and simple analyzation of past messages for improvements, etc. many of the common pitfalls we face could be avoided.

Keep Impressing Me…


Per my post the other day, “Leadership: What You Could Learn From Dan Hesse”… Sprint has impressed me again with their most recent ad campaign. You be the judge.

Jerry was a Real Estate Broker… (aka the conduit between new and old)

1969 Camaro 328 V8 SS

In countless posts across the Web, from 1000watt consulting to Inman to a post by Ashfaq Munshi over at FOREM and even the Notorious R.O.B. the topic of real estate brokerage’s future (and office) are dotting the radar.

The Ten Commandments of Twitter Usage

Twitter Ten commandments

The 10 Commandments of Twitter Usage – Real Estate Version

Leadership: What You Could Learn from Dan Hesse

In 2007 Sprint/Nextel appointed Dan Hesse CEO of the customer-service-flailing company. Since then, Dan and his marketing team have worked across all different forms of Media to deliver a message of customer service and “biz-love” to clients across the nation.